When building a new home many people think to ask for energy efficient windows, doors, appliances and furnaces but many times forget to think about the savings they can receive from energy efficient lighting. In the past CFL light bulbs have received a bad image for having harsh lighting and being ugly.

This is no longer true. Many energy star rated lighting fixtures now have softer and more inviting tones. They have also perfected the art of concealing the spiral bulb. Here is an example of possible cost savings of operating a 25 watt CFL bulb that is comparable to the same illumination of a standard 100 watt incandescent bulb. This comparison is assuming they are used for 2,500 hours with the cost per kilowatt at $.10 per kilowatt hour.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp
2,500 hrs X 25W X $.10 = $6.25 Per year

Incandescent Lamp
2,500 hrs X 100W X $.10 = $25.00 Per year

Energy Savings per year: $18.75

As you can see, the cost of the CFL bulb would be covered in the very first year of use. Another thing to consider is the amount of light bulbs that will be used throughout the year. For example, a standard CFL light bulb has a life span of between 5,000 and 6,000 hours of life. In comparison, a standard incandescent bulb has a life span of 500 to 750 hours. This means the incandescent bulb would have to be changed up to 10 times before the energy efficient CFL light Bulb would. Now take this cost savings and apply it to the areas of your home that you use more often. For example many people leave their outdoor lights on all night. The typical home has 3-4 exterior lights. Using the cost saving formula above you would save you up to $75.00 a year for just the exterior of your home alone. The exterior of your home is just one small area. If you include all the fixtures in your home you could save hundreds each year on your electrical bill alone.

So, when you are building your dream home with UpDwell Homes remember to look at your entire home as a system. Each part of your home is a building block to the overall energy efficiency of your home. Being aware of each part of your home can help put your energy efficient system together in such a way to help you save hundreds or even thousands on your heating, cooling and electrical bills in one year alone.