If you are wondering about or considering an investment in accessory units, then there are several things to consider. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about trying to make money by renting accessory dwelling unit areas or simply adding an accessory dwelling unit in Utah, there is good news. In 2021, the state of Utah passed a law permitting accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

The type of accessory dwelling unit Utah permits is not limited to any particular type, design, or style. Those wanting to build or add a unit to their property or home will want to consider the costs, including expenses from accessory dwelling units interest rate and construction costs.

Types of ADUs

There are several types and classifications of accessory dwelling units. Here is a quick look at some of those different types of ADUs and their classifications.

Attached ADUs

Any type of construction as an addition to your existing home is classified as an attached accessory dwelling unit. These include ADUs such as granny flats and next-gen units.

Interior Conversion ADUs

Most commonly, these types of accessory dwelling units are renovated and converted basements, complete with the living amenities found in the home, including a separate entrance, bathroom, and kitchen.

Detached ADUs

Like they sound, these are structures detached and independent of the home but built on the same property or lot. These can include accessory dwelling units such as carriage homes (also referred to as tiny homes) and granny flats.

Garage Conversion ADUs

One of the more popular accessory dwelling unit conversion options is the garage. These structures offer many features that require less renovation and construction than other ADU conversion options.

Although it takes some effort, planning, and expense, accessory dwelling units offer many benefits, including the possibility of raising the value of your property and home. And with Utah’s housing shortage, the popularity of ADUs has never been greater.

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