What is the Living Triangle?

While the process of building a new home is very exciting it can also start to seem a little confusing and daunting. Sometimes house plans can begin to run together and the benefits of one home design can blur into another. One main area of focus when choosing a home plan should be the main living area of the home. This includes the kitchen, living room and dining area.

Many homes plans will use a liner design for these three areas. Meaning that if you are in the kitchen you can see through the dining area into the living room and if you are in the living room you can see through the dining area into the kitchen. Many home plans today are focused on more open living spaces to allow for larger family gatherings and conversation between the family room and the kitchen.

Open Floor Plan

The living triangle is another open space option that allows for these large family gatherings and open communication between rooms. While some home designs include the living room, dining area and kitchen in a linear format, homes using the living triangle will organize these three areas in an L shape. The benefits of this living triangle include a more open feeling and closer proximity of the living room to the kitchen. This way, people preparing meals in the kitchen can still be more easily included in conversations in the living room. It also allows for easier traffic patterns between rooms and eliminates heavy traffic in the dining area as everyone is able to move between the kitchen and living room without walking through the dining area as is usually the case in a more linear design.

Many of the house plans offered by UpDwell Homes include large open living areas using this living triangle. Many track homes and other home builders often times do not pay attention to the details that make a home unique, comfortable, convenient and livable. UpDwell Homes is constantly reviewing the plans offered and making modifications to make each one of our plans unique and comfortable. Call us today at 801-784-9100 to learn more.

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