As the second most populous city in Tooele County, Gransville, Utah has a unique charm that’s drawing in families from across the state and beyond. Living in Grantsville is like taking a step back in time in Utah’s history but with a modern twist—especially in the newly constructed Highlands community

Here are just a few reasons why Grantsville is such a sought after location for many, and how Updwell Homes can help you find a place to call home.

#1 – Peaceful country living

Grantsville provides an atmosphere that can be tough to find in Utah’s quickly growing metropolitan areas. Here you’ll find wide open landscapes, beautiful scenery, and plenty of space to call your own. The peace and quiet that comes with country living in Grantsville, Utah can help you break free from the hustle and bustle, clear your mind of worry, and enjoy where you get to come home to each day.


#2 – A community full of history

Step back in time by visiting The Donner-Reed Museum, Clark Historic Farm, or The Old Grantsville Church. The nostalgia of living in a simpler time is alive and well in Grantsville. This is a community where the goodness of a small town feeling has been preserved over time, and neighbors still wave when you drive by. What could be better?


#3 – Choose from a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy

In the Grantsville community, you can experience nature right in your backyard. Visit the Stansbury Mountains nearby, go camping or hiking in South Willow Canyon, or enjoy a refreshing swim in the Grantsville reservoir. The days of eyes glued to a TV are long gone with so much to experience right in the Grantsville, Utah area!


#4 – Convenient access to the city

In case you do need to visit the Salt Lake City area, the good news is, Grantsville is just a short drive away. With easy access to Utah’s bigger cities, you’ll be far enough away to enjoy a quieter life yet close enough to get where you need to go. Grantsville is quite and peaceful while still having access to all the amenities you need.