The home construction process is complicated and extensive. To make sure it goes off without a hitch, it’s crucial that you engage in thorough, detailed planning before you ever break ground. The more preparation you do, the more you can trust your new home build will turn out exactly the way you want it to.

Given how many items you need to plan out and consider during the early design phases, it can be easy for you to forget some considerations. Here are a few reminders of some factors to consider while working on a project with local custom home builders in Layton, UT:

  • Purpose: It’s important to make sure every room actually has a purpose designed to meet your needs. Don’t include rooms or features just because you feel like you’re supposed to have them. Everything should have a purpose, if not in the short term, then definitely in the long term. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting space, and probably money as well.
  • Unexpected expenses: You should always add an extra 10 percent to your budget for unexpected expenses that could arise during the course of the project. Very rarely do you get a project where everything goes exactly according to plan. These unexpected expenses could include covering damaged materials, purchases of extra materials you hadn’t planned for, bringing in additional contractors or inspectors or anything else that might come up during the course of the project.
  • Small details: It’s easy to get caught up in the big picture when planning for new home construction—just make sure you don’t overlook small details in the process. This could include things like the directions in which doors swing, the heights of your ceilings, the widths of your hallways or the placement of utility infrastructure.
  • Electricity: People often fail to plan out having a proper number of outlets and switches in each room. Electrical needs have gone up significantly over the last several decades, and we’re relying on more devices than ever. Make sure your electrical system can handle the load and that you have plenty of outlets within reach.
  • Lighting: Consider both the natural and artificial lighting in your home. For the rooms that don’t get enough natural lighting, how will you compensate with built-in lighting fixtures? For rooms that do get natural light, where does that light shine, and will it ever become a nuisance?
  • Closets: Make sure you’re taking storage space into consideration. One of the regrets many people have after building a custom home is that they didn’t give themselves enough storage space. Not only should you have enough closets, but you should also have them in convenient locations aside from the bedrooms.
  • Outdoors: Don’t forget to consider your outdoor features! This includes whether you’ll have a deck or patio, the kind of irrigation system you’ll use (if any), the kind of outdoor lighting you’ll use, the location of your garage and where you’ll place a grill or cooking station.

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