If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Grantsville, UT, it’s wise to do your homework to check the condition of the market. Current market conditions will affect the price of Grantsville, UT homes on both the buying and selling sides of the equation, as well as affect how long it might take to buy or sell a home.

Use the following overview to educate yourself on the current outlook of the housing market in Grantsville, UT. For more detailed information, contact your local custom home builder.

Market trends

  • Sale price: Grantsville, UT homes that are hot are selling for around 1 percent more than list price.
  • Offers: Many homeowners are receiving multiple offers to purchase their property. Some buyers are waiving contingencies to secure the contract. These multiple-offer situations typically push the purchase price higher than the original asking price.
  • Market time: Homes in Grantsville, UT are on the market for an average of 32 days. Keep this in mind if you are making plans for moving or building.
  • Competition: Redfin.com labels the housing market in Grantsville, UT as “very competitive,” with a score of 74 out of 100 on the competitiveness scale. Because homes are in high demand, the market in this area is considered a “seller’s market.”


  • Average sale price: In July of 2020, the average sale price of a home in Grantsville, UT was $334,000. The average sale price per square foot was $133. This pricing is slightly above the median sale price across the country, which was $323,807 in July 2020.
  • Increases: The average sale price of a home in Grantsville, UT is up 11.7% from last year. The price per square foot is up 9 percent compared to last year.


One of the best resources for those who want to remain current with housing market trends in Grantsville, UT is a local custom home builder. These experts are intimately familiar with housing trends. They can offer insights into current purchasing and building options and make recommendations for wise investments.

If you are considering building a new home in Grantsville, UT, home builders in the area can review your options and help you choose the best route for your budget, goals and lifestyle.

Be sure to work with someone who knows the specific area in which you want to live. You should also research the company to get recommendations, read reviews and learn about their experience. Only work with someone in whom you have complete confidence to meet your needs as a homeowner.

Partner with the pros

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