Energy-efficient homes in Tooele City, UT offer a number of critical benefits to individuals, as well as to society as a whole. Choosing energy-efficient features for a residential property can have significant impact on the long-term effects of the home on its residents and the surrounding community. As you think about energy-efficient homes in Tooele City, UT, take a moment to consider the following facts.


To fully understand the benefits of energy-efficient homes, one must first understand exactly what qualifies as an energy-efficient home. So, what is an energy-efficient home in Tooele City, UT?
Energy-efficient homes are constructed in such a way to minimize the amount of energy consumption required to construct and maintain the property. They place fewer demands on nonrenewable resources than a typical home. They offer savings on energy bills and healthier surroundings for residents. When built, they are created with energy-efficient products and techniques, such as high-efficiency heating and cooling and effective insulation methods.

Health benefits

Living in energy-efficient homes in Tooele City, UT offers several indirect health benefits. The higher air quality found in energy-efficient homes can help decrease respiratory disease and reduce mortality. The reduction in mold that energy-efficient homes typically enjoy can lower the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and decrease chronic pain.
Because these homes stay warmer and dryer, they are also less likely to contribute to temperature related illness. Lastly, energy-efficient homes in Tooele City, UT are less drafty, which can lead to reduced chronic conditions and increased healthy activity.

Financial benefits

Energy-efficient homes in Tooele City, UT help homeowners save on utility bills. Those who live in an energy-efficient home can enjoy up to 50 percent savings on their heating bills compared to non-energy-efficient homes. Because homes also cool more efficiently, homeowners can also experience savings on their air conditioning. Not only are utility bills lower year-round, but homeowners also save on repairs and maintenance of their HVAC systems, due to less demand on the units.

A high energy-efficiency rating can also increase the value of a home. Further, a home that is constructed using energy-efficient methods lasts longer than non-energy-efficient properties. These benefits create a good return on investment for property owners who are willing to use energy-efficient techniques and materials.

Societal benefits

For every $1 million people invest in energy efficiency, 13 new jobs become available in our society. Additionally, energy-efficient homes in Tooele City, UT help conserve nonrenewable resources, to help protect these valuable commodities for the future of our society.

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