Living in the western United States, you’ve probably noticed that our architecture is a hodgepodge of various eras, cultures and styles. You can probably find a home in just about any architectural style you choose, whether you want a Craftsman cottage or midcentury modern masterpiece.

When you’re choosing a custom-built home from a local home builder, you may get some style leeway. Here are some of the most common house styles in Utah:

  • Victorian: The Victorian architectural style might remind you of an elaborate gingerbread house. They’re usually several stories tall, accented with turrets, bay windows and an incredible amount of decorative detail. There are many uneven lines and curves. This style usually uses several different textures to create a lavish effect, and is often painted in multiple colors.
  • Pioneer: This type of home style was most common in the mid-19th century, and usually reserved for wealthy homeowners. The standout feature is often a “stretched” form, with a front door directly in the middle of the building and windows on either side. These buildings were influenced by Greek and Roman architecture, and were particularly common with early Mormon settlers.
  • Ogden and Salt Lake City style: This style was popular between 1910 and 1920. It’s characterized by low, wide buildings, with a mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements. You might see them made of wood, stucco, brick or stones, and they’re very common in the greater Salt Lake City area.
  • Early 20th century: The early 20th century included styles like bungalows and prairie school. These architectural types are much simpler than Victorian architecture. They’re also a lot smaller—as the population started growing, homes and lots got smaller to accommodate the influx of people.
  • Early modern: Early modern architecture is generally not a home style—it actually originated in 1922 with the Tribune Tower in Chicago. It’s unusual to see this type of home in Utah, but they do exist—and are usually surrounded by homes that look more modern to our eyes.
  • Postwar modern: Finally, postwar modern homes have been common since the 1950s, and remain so today. The odds are good that if you own a home in Utah, it’s based in postwar modern architecture. This style is characterized by square, box-like shapes, pared down ornaments and an overall simple appearance. The focus is on size—they’re a lot larger than early 20th century homes—as well as an abundance of outdoor space.

UpDwell Homes LLC offers a number of different home styles. Our homes are often based in postwar modern architecture, but you may notice certain features and accents that call back to other common Utah home styles. Whatever your taste in houses, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something you love.

We also offer custom-built homes. If you have a vision, why not call us to see if we can accommodate it? Let our home builders create the house of your dreams. Reach out to UpDwell Homes LLC to learn more about our availability and arrange a consultation.