If a window is cracked, the pane needs to be replaced. If your roof is missing a few shingles, it needs repairs. These signs are obvious. But what are the signs of a bad foundation? This might be harder to discern.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is my foundation bad?” look for the following signs to answer this important question. If you notice these signs, contact a foundation expert right away for assistance.

It’s cracking up

Look for large, zigzag cracks on your exterior steps or walls. Small cracks here and there are not a concern, but these larger damages are signs of a bad foundation. The same goes for the interior of your property. If you see cracks in your drywall that zigzag and extend for several feet, you may need foundation repair. Also look for cracks where the walls and ceiling meet or wallpaper that is pulling away from the wall due to cracking.

Your property feels like a fun house

Have you ever walked through a funhouse at a carnival? The floors are usually uneven, and the doorways are purposely misshapen. If your property is starting to feel like a fun house, this is a sign of a bad foundation. Your floor should not have more than 1 or 2 inches of gradient every 15 feet. Your doors should also remain square.To check for these signs of a bad foundation, look for cracks above doorframes or doors that will not shut properly. You can also try the spill test. If you pour some water on the floor and it rolls in one direction, your floors are uneven, possibly due to a bad foundation.

Nails won’t stay in their homes

Nail pops are a common issue. If you notice a few nails have popped out of your drywall here and there, this is probably normal; however, if the problem is widespread, the nail pops are a sign of a bad foundation. You should contact a professional to investigate the issue to see if you need foundation repair.

The windows are running away

Take a close look at your windows. Are the frames pulling away from the wall? If it looks like your windows are trying to escape the surrounding brick or wood,your foundation is in trouble. Don’t wait to discover other signs of a bad foundation. Consult with a repair specialist right away.

Your living room is a bounce house

Bounce houses are great for kids’ parties. They aren’t so good for your home’s interior.If your floors feel bouncy, this indicates that the wood is rotten or rotting. If your floor seems more like a trampoline than a solid surface, call a professional for an inspection.

Get repairs now

If you notice any of these signs of a bad foundation, take action. These are strong indicators that there are structural issues present, and these will only worsen with time. Contact the experts at UpDwell Homes LLC for a professional consultation. Reach our experienced team at 801-784-9100.