When building your home, you get floor plans—which most people are familiar with—as well as house elevations. House elevations are renderings of what your home will look like from each side. This allows you to see what the home will look like when it’s finished, as if you were walking around the property. At UpDwell Homes LLC, we help you with the process of finding the right house elevations for your Layton, UT home so you can picture just what it will look like the day you move in.

What are house elevations?

House elevations are drawn up to visually describe what the exterior of the home will look like from every angle. This allows you to see everything from the window placement to the exterior finish, such as stucco or stone. The drawings or renderings are labeled as if you were looking at the house from the front, so you know how to interpret “right side” and “left side.” Side elevations (often pictured at an angle) help you appreciate the home’s depth and roof pitch, while rear elevations are great for viewing patios and decks.

Craftsman house elevations

Craftsman-style homes have been popular since the early 1900s. The Arts and Crafts movement spurred a return to simpler living and design, which is based on simple, functional design, natural materials and excellent workmanship. It’s a direct response to the fussier Victorian homes of the previous century, with their steep, gabled roofs, “gingerbread” adornments and towering heights.
Craftsman homes are identified by their low-pitched roofs, single- or one-and-a-half-story construction, exposed rafters, decorative knee braces and large front porches which are covered by the roof and flanked by large columns on either side. It’s a simple but classic style that looks cozy and modern even today.

Modern house elevations

Modern architecture isn’t as new as the name implies. In fact, it takes its inspiration from the Art Deco movement. This movement was prevalent from the 1920s to 1940s, and features a simple style that emphasizes streamlined design and rounded corners. Instead of decorative elements, the style relies on window placement (including wraparound glass block windows) and metal balustrades to achieve a clean, modern look that still seems fresh a century later.

Modern houses are often finished in flat, untextured stucco so as not to interfere with the simple and clean design. They can be asymmetrical, and use geometric shapes to make the most impact. There are many modern-style residential homes in California and Florida.

Find the right house elevation in Layton, UT

When you’re in the market for your own custom-designed home, getting house elevations is one of the most useful and exciting tools that you can use to ensure your satisfaction. The team at UpDwell Homes LLC offers multiple house elevations, whether you’re choosing a pre-designed home and making your own adjustments or opting for one of our custom options. We are offering four new elevations to diversify the exterior look of your home—click here to see and reach out to us today to get started!