There are many reasons to build an energy efficient home in Utah—not only for the benefits it can bring year round, but particularly during cold winter months. 

As a homeowner, here are the top benefits you can enjoy from energy efficient homes in Utah


#1 – Save on your utility bill. 

When you build a GreenLean™ home from Updwell Homes, you can enjoy as much as 50% savings on your monthly utility bill—and those dollars can add up fast. An energy efficient home costs less to operate thanks to improved HVAC systems, water efficiency, proper air filtration, high performance windows, and better insulation. 

Start by choosing energy efficient Utah home builders. Updwell Homes specializes in the GreenLean™ building method that includes architectural practices like using less exterior studs and increased insulation to provide a tighter exterior envelope and prevent heat loss. In fact, our method ensures minimal heat loss through GreenLean™ Thermal Break walls. 

Every home built with our GreenLean™ building method has a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) index rating of 65 or less compared to 80 or above for many other Utah home builders.

#2 – Enjoy a more cozy home.

Energy efficient homes are also more comfortable for homeowners—especially during cold Utah winters. A GreenLean™ built home better maintains ideal temperatures, humidity, and movement of air compared to non energy efficient homes.

#3 – Make a wise investment for the future.

Energy efficient homes are proven to generate an immediate return on your investment. Not only do the savings come in on your monthly utility bill, but also for resale should you decide to move in the future. People are willing to pay more for energy efficient homes, and homes built to these specifications appraise for more in general compared to homes that aren’t.

#4 – Protect our local Utah environment. 

GreenLean™ homes are made using the best green engineering methods available in the state of Utah. Updwell Homes uses less lumber in the building process and produces 75% less construction waste compared to other builders. 

Energy Efficient Homes In Utah

Ready to cash in on the monetary and environmental benefits of an energy efficient home? Updwell homes is proud to have received the Utah Energy Champion award from the State of Utah and Energy Star. If you’re looking for an energy efficient home builder in Utah, Updwell Homes is clearly your best choice! 

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