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Are you looking for a community that is close enough to Salt Lake for a moderate commute, yet far enough removed that you can have a high quality home life in a beautiful place that is still affordable? For many new Utah homeowners, the secret to having it all lies in a new residence in Grantsville.

In addition to the terrific housing opportunities, Davis County is a place of great natural beauty. The scenic appeal of the Salt Flats, the nearby mountain ranges and the Great Salt Lake is hard to beat. You can spend countless days photographing the historic beauty in the the reservoirs, canyon walls and gorgeous snow-capped mountains.

Grantsville – The Best of All Worlds

If you’re wondering about why you should choose this location over any other region of the country, consider the fact that in 2017 Tooele County was the 7th-fastest growing county in the entire country. That kind of growth means job opportunities and it means that there’s something pretty special happening in the area. In addition to other powerful attractions for new home buyers, realtor Chris Sloan confirms that houses in Tooele County run as much as $60,000 – $70,000 cheaper than those situated in Salt Lake County. “You’re standing 35 minutes from downtown Salt Lake. And yet, you’re also 35 miles away from the hustle and the bustle, you’re 35 miles away from cost-prohibitive housing,” added Sloan.


The Highlands Community in Grantsville

The Highlands community is a 6 phase and approximately 900 home subdivision built exclusively by UpDwell Homes — the Utah home-building company famous for exceeding the competition in terms of features and amenities for the price. The Highlands subdivision in Grantsville is noted for the beautiful wide-open views it is surrounded by. There are also some commanding mountain views from the Highlands. Each Phase sells out a soon as it is available.
Location: 778 North Hwy 138, Grantsville, Utah

Affordable New Homes in Grantsville, Utah

We offer a number of new homes in several different communities around Utah, and there are different styles and home designs associated with each community. Our largest new development of surprisingly affordable new homes is the Highlands, in the fast growing city of Grantsville, Utah.

Grantsville — Happening Now

Available Floor Plans

  • Ashton

  • Brighton

  • Chandler

  • Concord

  • Easton

  • Huntington

  • Newport

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Home Designs

There is a whole catalog of home designs to choose from, with six very affordable 1-UP Series plans available. There are also the more luxurious and expansive dwellings belonging to our 3-UP Series. A sampling of the architectural designs include the Arlington, Bellevue, Chesapeake, Cumberland, Florence, McCall, Monticello, and Oakland styles. Our 2-UP Series offers strong value at affordable prices, and some of the home designs in this group include the Aspen, Bridgeport, Bristol, Manchester, Normandy, Raleigh, and Weston styles.

About UpDwell Homes

UpDwell Homes was founded in 2012, by two brothers with a combined 57 years of experience in home-building. They bring all that knowledge and experience to bear on the creation of each new home they construct in the area, striving for 100% customer satisfaction with every home buyer who purchases from them.

Custom Homes

At UpDwell, we can work from a full selection of fully customizable floor plans to suit your taste, or we’ll be glad to collaborate with you on a 100% original design that is completely your choice. Every home we build is unique in its own way, because we take whatever time is necessary to ensure that it has its own distinctive features to satisfy your wants and needs in a home.

Standard Home Features

When you purchase an UpDwell home, you can count on receiving all the best features as standard in your home. Right from the ground up, you’ll have a solid, water-tight basement, a 2 or 3-car garage, interior and exterior to suit your taste, a kitchen with all the most modern appliances and cabinetry, a bathroom with contemporary shower, bath, and vanity, and superior craftsmanship throughout the home.

Quick Move-in Home Options

If you’re looking to settle in quickly, perhaps to accommodate new job requirements, there’s a perfect quick move-in opportunity which awaits you in the Tuscan Hills community of St. George, UT. With three bedrooms and a spacious 3,000 sq.ft. of living area, this is the ideal home for you to move your whole family in quickly, and start enjoying the benefits of Utah living.


Why Choose Grantsville


Cost of Living

This beautiful city enjoys a cost of living index which runs 13% below the national average, which means your dollars will go further when you live in this area. The cost of housing and utilities are both well below the national average, with groceries being about the same, and transportation costs being slightly higher than the national average.

Weather & Climate

Our region enjoys a moderate climate, with about 15 inches of rainfall on average each year. The high temperature in summer will be around 90 degrees, and the winter low will usually be somewhere around 18 degrees. Each year, the city receives only about 53 inches of snow, far less than northeastern cities, but a little more than average for the southwest.


Home Prices & Values

The median value of houses in Tooele County is approximately $265,000, and that value represents a 5% increase over the previous year. The median list price per square foot throughout the county hovers around $130, as compared to the Salt Lake City figure of $214 per square foot.


The population as of 2018 was roughly 11,500 individuals, of which about 62% were over the age of 18. The percentage of citizens over the age of 65 was 8.6%, with the gender split between men and women coming in at a ratio of 55% men and 45% women.


Quality of Life

The city has been recognized for being one of the Top 10 Friendliest Cities in America, and it has a lot to offer, such as recreation, education, medical services, police and fire service, fine arts, and houses of worship. Everything you need to enjoy quality of life is to be found right here in Grantsville, UT.

Interested in Buying a New Home in Grantsville, UT?


Situated in a breath-taking area of the country, in a magnificent setting that is hard to beat for quality of life and cost of living. If your desire to move has been piqued by all the advantages described above, take a look at our home designs and see whether an UpDwell home is right for you.

Grantsville New Home FAQs

Below are listed some of the most commonly asked questions about living here. Contact us if your question is not shown below.

Q: How Much Do New Homes Cost in Grantsville, UT?

A: New houses in the area can cost anywhere between $220,000 to $700,000 or more, depending on the level of luxury you might want.

Q: What Does UpDwell Homes’ Warranty Provide?

A: All new UpDwell houses come with a 1-yr warranty, starting from the date of closing.

Q: How Much Does a Custom Home Cost to Build in Grantsville, UT?

A: Custom homes will always cost more than pre-built options, because they involve the extra step of design and possibly extra features.

Q: Does UpDwell Home Offer New Home Financing?

A: Yes, we do. Contact us to find out more information about your eligibility.

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