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If you love your home and location, but want to make a few updates and improvements, UpDwell Homes LLC can help. We’ll apply our years of development expertise to raise the standard of living in your home through extensive remodeling and upgrades. Our builders have already made their mark on homes throughout Layton, UT as well as Tooele City and across the Wasatch Front. Let us introduce you to a high-caliber interior you’ll enjoy each and every day.

Our capabilities extend from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to every other interior space. From simple improvements and upgrades to comprehensive redesigns and renovations, we welcome projects big and small and reward homeowners with luxurious results.

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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Kitchens and baths are prime value-add areas of the home, perfect for updating and renovating. Our design team works with you to pinpoint features of your kitchen or bathroom you want to change or upgrade. We can change everything from spatial layout to lighting, and upgrade everything from countertops, to flooring, to cabinetry and more. We believe kitchens and baths are what make a home unique—let us help you make sure yours stand out!

Flooring and countertop installations

New cabinetry and cabinet refacing

Lighting and glass

Fixtures and appliances

Spatial design and general flow

Plumbing, HVAC and electrical

General Remodeling

Does your Layton, UT home give you all the spaces you want and everything you need from those spaces? If not, remodeling is a great way to transform the home you have into the one you want. We bring our remodeling expertise to every area of your home, working with you to transform your interior rooms into everything you expect them to be. Our chief areas of focus include:

Flooring and countertop installations

Flooring and countertop installations

Flooring and countertop installations

Flooring and countertop installations

Flooring and countertop installations

Flooring and countertop installations

The Home You’ve Always Wanted

At UpDwell Homes LLC, our mantra is to create living experiences. Through our comprehensive remodeling services, we embody this mission by giving homeowners the home they’ve always wanted. Contact us today at 801-784-9100 to begin learning more about our approach to remodeling and the possibilities for improving your home’s interior.

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