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Why Live in Tooele, UT?

Buying a new home is a commitment, especially if you’re considering moving to a brand-new town. If you’re a fan of city living but still enjoy small, close-knit communities, you might love living in Tooele. Living in Tooele, UT is a great way to enjoy all the benefits...

Safe Home Building Practices During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every industry on the planet, including home building and community development. However, people still need housing during a pandemic, which means that our work at UpDwell Homes LLC continues. The CDC and OSHA have issued...

Why Should I Reuse an Existing Home Foundation?

If you’re planning on building a new home, your construction team might consider using the existing foundational structure on the lot, if one is present. Any professional contractor with a good level of experience and skill should be able to figure out how to reuse an...

House Elevations: What Are My Options?

House Elevations: What Are My Options?

When building your home, you get floor plans—which most people are familiar with—as well as house elevations. House elevations are renderings of what your home will look like from each side. This allows you to see what the home will look like when it’s finished, as if...

Can You Finance a New Home Build?

Can You Finance a New Home Build?

Can You Finance a New Home Build? Some people prefer the idea of building a new home to purchasing an existing one, because it gives them the opportunity to get everything they want out of their house. If you’re a very particular buyer or have a specific plot of land...

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